Creating virtual experiences

Virtualex has been a leading Virtual and Augmented Reality development studio since its inception in 2015.

Founded by Nathan Beattie, a VR developer since the days of the first Oculus Rift DK1, they have unparalleled expertise in bringing their client’s amazing projects to life.

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Education via Virtual Reality leads to significant improvements to skills acquisition time and skill retention, as well as providing cost-effective means to train in hazardous environments or to practice repetitive procedures.

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Tourism boards across the country are realising the power of Augmented Reality to both entertain and educate visitors to their regions.

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When used correctly, virtual reality can be an integral part of a building’s lifecycle, from concept and design through to handover and ongoing facility management, introducing significant cost savings and allowing for much greater stakeholder engagement. Ask us how VR and AR technology can be used to aid in your construction project.

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Whether it be video games or amusement parks, we can develop high-end and robust experiences for your business. With our simultaneous VR theatre technology, we can also provide for VR movie theatres.

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